Welcome to my Website, thank you for finding me.This is your first step to having your knives sharp again and keeping them sharp. Good for you, there is absolutely no need to work with dull knives, it's dangerous and it it has a negative impact on the flavour of food. You have come to the right place, I am extremely passionate about the art of sharpening knives by hand on Japanese Water Stones.  Hopefully my Home Page here and my Blog with a sharpening video and a link to the Chronicle Herald newspaper article about me will help ease your apprehension in letting a stranger work on your knives, I know that is a difficult choice. Also, I realize that my site is not always at the very top when Googled, however, I don't pay anyone to place my site in an elevated position like other sites. So again, thanks for finding me. 

Also, there is a lot of info that I place on my Blog and the link to that is right here on this page under Blogroll which also contains the links to my sharpening videos.

One of the things that I know for sure is that when you purchase a knife, you should make the purchase with the understanding that you need a Plan to keep it sharp. Regardless of the price or brand of knife, it will become dull and sooner that you may expect. That incredible sensation you felt when it was new will vanish and you will be left feeling frustrated, cheated perhaps and stressed out every time you use that knife that has  become dull. YOU NEED a Sharpening Plan to keep that beautiful knife not just as sharp as it was when new but sharper, you never need to experience a dull knife again, this is what I do, I have the ability to keep your knife sharp regardless of the cost/brand/condition.  

Call me today: (902) 225 0579 or Email at sharpenerpeter@gmail.com

Three things are paramount to me: Creating edges on knives that you have never seen before,  establishing your trust in what I love to do and forging a  Sharpening Plan for you so that you never need to experience dull knives again.  I promise:

  • To make your knives sharper than new or better;
  • Relatively quick turnaround of three to five days, (often less);
  • Incredibly friendly and easy approach:
  • To make you understand that a razor sharp knife is an elegant instrument cultivating culinary creativity, a dull knife is piece of steel, dampening ambition.




What I DO NOT sharpen:
Axes, saws, exotic blades, swords, machetes. I'm a kitchen knife specialist, I sharpen thousands of them. It took me years of practice to become as confident as I am with sharpening kitchen knives, my business is successful because people trust me, I've made my customers happy. I don't sharpen certain items because I have not had the opportunity to sharpen a knife from a movie that someone picked up online for example. If I cannot sharpen anything to the extent where I am thrilled with the results, I won't sharpen it. This is why I stick to kitchen knives and folders. ( This is not to say I can't sharpen them, they are out of my comfort zone, your complete satisfaction is of utmost importance to me)


I sharpen knives for many people including some very nice and extremely talented Executive Chefs, Chefs and Cooks and JUST as importantly: Home cooks, the great folks who bring me knives to sharpen every single day.  Here are a just a few of the kind words that people I have sharpened for, some for a few years have said about my knife sharpening. Please note that while these Testimonials are important to me and may ease your apprehension about handing me your knives to sharpen, I really encourage you to just contact me and ask me how I sharpen knives and tell me what your are hesitant about.  I get a lot of very nice comments by email and texting that I don't have the room to place here. The best way to find out if I am the right person to take care of your knives is to give me one. If you are still afraid to hand over your beloved knife, ask for a free demo, I will sharpen any knife in front of you if that is what it takes to earn your trust and ultimately to have you working with sharp knives again.

 (There are some additional testimonials off to the side on this page)

Peter Nowlan from "New Edge Sharpening" is one of the most dedicated craftsmen I have ever met. His passion for putting a fine edge on a fine knife is unparalleled in Eastern Canada. I love my knives, they have been part of my professional life for decades - and I would only trust the edges on my Misonos and MACs to Pete. He truly wants you to be happy with his work. Highly Recommended.

Michael Howell

Executive Director- Devour Fest! The Food Film Fest - www.devourfest.com

Executive Chef - The Green Turtle Club - www.greenturtleclub.com

Principal - Tempestuous Culinary - www.tempestous.ca



"Every Chef cherishes their knives, but being a good cook doesn't mean you can sharpen a knife properly. It is a skill that takes years to perfect. Far worse is letting someone put a knife on an automated machine....it ruins the edge. Hand sharpening is the only way to go. Preparing food with a sharp knife is a true joy. My knives have never been sharper than they are right now, thanks Peter!"

Chef Craig Flinn

Canadian Chefs Congress 2012/Congres des Chefs de Cuisine Canadiens

Nova Scotia Committee Chair/Le president du comite de la Nouvelle-Ecosse

ECD Restaurant Inc/Fork in the Road Productions

1537 Barrington Street Halifax, NS B3J 1Z4

Chives Canadian Bistro and 2 Doors Down 


"The only thing more valuable than my hands are my knives. That is why the only person who sharpens my knives is Peter Nowlan. His skill and passion for blades is remarkable. I would recommend to anyone who wants the best for there blades take them to Peter. You won't be disappointed

Jason Lynch
902-542-7177 ( w )
902-680-6272 ( c )


"As you can see from his Blog and his work, Peter is obsessed with knife sharpening. He will spend an hour or more on a knife if he thinks it needs it. He will treat a crappy old K-Mart knife with as much care, concentration, skill, and even reverence as if it were a Japanese Masakage".

Ross Patterson
The Noodle Guy

964 Main Street Port Williams

NS B0P 1T0

The Noodle Guy Pasta Restaurant

Port Williams, Exit 11.  


"I had some shared kitchen knives that were in desperate need of some knife-love but couldn't make the time to take care of it myself.  A colleague passed me Peter's number, as they had seen his work first hand, and knew that I would not be dissapointed.  The only way to describe  Peter's passion for a true edge is  art.  I have never been more pleased with the quality and care that Peter gives each one of my knives, plus he's a great person to work with!"

-Ryan Hayes

Resto Urban Dining


"I trust no one with my knives besides Peter. The quality of work and craftsmanship behind each knife is incredible. I have used Peter for the last year and every time he returns a knife it is better than new, it is really quite an experience" 

Luis Clavel

-Member of Culinary Team Canada-

Executive Chef

Atlantica Hotel Halifax

1980 Robie Street Halifax, NS B3H 3G5


"I call Mr. Peter Nowlan the chef’s best friend. As an Executive Chef, I believe a sharp knife is the key step to trigger good food, precision cutting can change how every ingredient cooks during the process. When I first met Mr. Nowlan, I was searching for someone who would be capable to sharpen a knife with Rockwell 66 hardness properly with good craftsmanship, a person who understood knives and in particular the importance of a sharp knife. Peter’s quality of work is an incredible work of art and he will be the only one I will trust to sharpen my knives for years to come. Sharp knives makes food cutting enjoyable, Mr. Peter Nowlan’s sharpening skills makes my work as an Executive Chef not just more enjoyable but more efficient".  

Ivan Chan

Executive Chef 


Hi Peter,

We are really thrilled with the job you did with the knives. Thank you so much. We weren't sure what to expect, but we are truly happy. You are a craftsman!

If you need any references, we'd be happy to pass along. We will definitely be back in the future (hopefully, without any broken bits, just dull blades).


Tara (Ontario)              

Fujiwara at work