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This is your first step to having your knives sharp again and keeping them sharp. Good for you, there is absolutely no need to work with dull knives, it's dangerous and it it has a negative impact on the flavour of food. You have come to the right place, I am extremely passionate about the art of sharpening knives by hand on Japanese Water Stones.  Please Note that over to the right under "Blogroll" is a list of links to many articles and videos on knife sharpening. The first link is to my Blog which I keep updated with a lot of cool info and pictures. 

Three things are paramount to me: Creating edges on knives that you have never seen before,  establishing your trust in what I love to do and forging a  Sharpening Plan for you so that you never need to experience dull knives again.  I promise:

  • To make your knives sharper than new or better;
  • Relatively quick turnaround of one to three days;
  • Incredibly friendly and easy approach:
  • To make you understand that a razor sharp knife is an elegant instrument cultivating culinary creativity, a dull knife is a piece of steel, dampening ambition.



"Peter Nowlan from "New Edge Sharpening" is one of the most dedicated craftsmen I have ever met. His passion for putting a fine edge on a fine knife is unparalleled in Eastern Canada. I love my knives, they have been part of my professional life for decades - and I would only trust the edges on my Misonos and MACs to Pete. He truly wants you to be happy with his work. Highly Recommended."

- Michael Howell, Executive Director- Devour Fest! The Food Film Fest

 I have moved the rest of the Testimonials to my Blog. Please take a look at them if interested by clicking on the Link in the Blogroll to the right.