Emails to me, will they be answered?

Absolutely. However, when you send an email through my website on the “Contact Me” page I am sometimes unable to reply directly, I have to cut and paste your original email. It is best to email me directly at:


How do you sharpen, what is your technique?

I sharpen by freehand, meaning, I don’t use any machines, all the work is done using very traditional methods on the finest of Japanese Water Stones.  This tradition is over 800 years old and hand sharpening is undeniably the best way to sharpen knives in terms of levels of sharpness and the impact on your knives. It is a very effective, knife edge friendly technique when done properly.



If you need to see some of the comments that Chefs or home cooks have made there is a link to them available on my site over on the right side. To be honest, I get so many positive emails from folks that I can’ t post every one of them.

How long will the knife stay sharp? 

For knives that are used regularly, every 3-4 months. Restaurant knives need to be sharpened much more frequently, approximately every 2-3 weeks.

Is my cheap/old/rusted knife worth sharpening? 

In short, yes, all knives are worth sharpening. Your options are to either get the knife sharpened, continue to use it dull, or throw it out/give it away and buy a new one. Even if it isn’t a dream knife, you paid good money for it and should be able to safely use it.

Do you sharpen Japanese Knives? 


Do you sharpen serrated knives? 


Do you sharpen scissors.?

No. I can refer you to someone if interested.

Will you fix broken knives? 

Yes, for an additional $5.00 charge

How long does it take to sharpen a knife?

About 15 minutes for the average dull knife.

Can I wait and watch the knife being sharpened?

Typically no. However, if you travelled a fair distance and just have one or two knives, I can do them while you wait so you don’t have to make an extra trip.

Do you sharpen lawn mower blades/skates/grass shears/nippers/swords? 

No, I focus solely on knives so that I can produce the sharpest knives in Nova Scotia.