Knife Sharpening Lessons

Cost – $100.00 for 1.5 – 2 hours. 

Lessons can be arranged via Email or at The Ikebana Shop

Covered In Your Lesson

* What Makes a Knife Dull;

* Why Sharpen a Knife;

* What Happens When You Sharpen a Knife;

* Basic Knife Knowledge, Primary and Secondary;

* Bevels;

* Parts of the Knife;

* Japanese Water Stones;

* Burr Formation and Burr Removal – Critical Components of Knife Sharpening;

* Sharpening, Angles, Holding the Knife, Expectation Management;

* Edge Maintenance, Minor Repairs, Honing;

* Myths and Common Mistakes;


What you Need


You don’t need to buy anything for a lesson, just bring a dull knife and we can go over the purchase of Japanese Water Stones, what you really need to get started and beyond.

What to Expect

You will walk away with a level of confidence in your ability to sharpen a knife, to take it from dull to sharp and to be able to repeat that process over and over. The lesson includes any follow-up questions you may have, for example: if you want to bring a knife back that you sharpened and work on it with me, no problem.


Tune-Up Lessons

This is something that I think is important to keep your confidence level stable and growing.  If you would like to come back for a second lesson to fine-tune your skills or just to make sure you are on track, it is very easily accomplished. Let’s say you just finished a lesson and in two months you think you are doing very well but you would like to come back out and sharpen with me just to be sure. Or if you are having problems with a particular knife and you want to do it in front of me. Just contact me and we can set it up, there is no extra cost here, this is all part of my original lesson plan and your sharpening journey is just as important as mine. If in a year from the original lesson you want to come back again, same deal.