Why choose me/Drop off Points/Japanese Dream Knives


Why Me?

       I very firmly believe that at some point in time, men, all men, have a desire to sharpen a knife, it is primal urge that we all share, we feel The Calling as my friend calls it. Most who feel it,  try once or twice and try to sharpen a knife and that urge dissipates,  the feeling goes away. In the old days, the days my father sharpened his chisels, he did so because they needed sharpening, not to satisfy a desire to sharpen something.  Then there are those who take it further, they get really interested and sharpen their own knives on a regular basis. I am like none of these people, the first time I saw something being sharpened on a stone, I was completely hooked, I new instantly that I had found my calling and someday it would be a skill that would allow me to make people happy, I was going to become a knife sharpening artist, no matter how long it took. That was forty years ago, that feeling has never gone away and I am still learning new things but I am making people happy, every single day. There is not a day that passes that I don’t look forward to sharpening knives.

     Your knives are very important to you, you spent good money on them, you know that they are dull but you don’t know If I can sharpen them and not ruin them at the same time, you are apprehensive and fed up with being ripped off by people who are not what they claim to be.  I want you to understand first of all that I completely understand this but you need to know that your knives are important to me as well. Remember, it is not my fault that they are dull, however, I can promise you that I see it as my responsibility to rectify that and I also promise that I have gained the skills to do it properly, in a manner that is not only harmless to your knife/knives but using a technque and materials that will very likely make your knives sharper than they have ever been. 

   Yes, I have lots of nifty testimonials, I’ve  been in the paper three times, on the radio and on TV, does that make me a good sharpener? Consider this: What got me to the point where I ended up on TV or in the paper, a full page spread by the way? and not to mention the nice words by some very talented and well known Executive Chefs. These things just don’t happen by chance, this is not advertising that one can buy, it comes from years of hard work and ultimately that hard work becomes known to many and people who have experienced what I can do pass the word along.  Of course, this still does not prove that I am a good knife sharpener, at some point in time you may just have to take a leap of faith. What I can say that nobody can deny is that you will not find any sharpener, anywhere in Canada as passionate about sharpening knives, your knives, as I am. If you wish to experience a truly sharp knife, I am happy to help, if you choose to go elsewhere, thanks for reading this. You know where to find me and know that I do not judge people on the condition of their knives or if they took them somewhere else, it is important to do your research, it shows you care about your knives.  


NOTE : I sharpen knives only, I am completely focused on producing the sharpest kitchen knives in Nova Scotia and beyond. 
If you need Scissors/Razors sharpened or handles replaced you can contact me for the information. I highly recommend Joshawa at Grindhousehfx.com. He is very capable of taking care of your scissors, salon shears. Again, I am knife specialist so I will do knives only. (I would not recommend Joshawa if I didn’t trust his work, I do).


DROP OFF SERVICES:  There are four drop off locations in the Halifax Area – (Four if you include dropping them off to me directly, the best route to take)


I understand that you may not want to drive out to Middle Sackville and I have have come to realize that finding some spots in the Halifax area where you can drop off and pick up your knives is not only convenient for you but it just makes sense. The locations I have been fortunate enough to deal with have a connection to knives and traditional knife sharpening.

     I’m very excited to announce  a NEW drop off spot in the North End of Halifax:  THE GETAWAY FARM BUTCHER SHOP.   This beautiful little shop is located at 5544 Kaye Street in the Hydrostone area (close to Starbucks). It is convenient and above all, it will have the deepest connection to knife sharpening, that is important to me and the fact that the business has chosen me and has opted to become a drop off spot speaks volumes. It is a clear indication that they are service oriented, they care about their customers as all my drop off location folks do. These are more to me than just a place for you to bring your knives. ALSO, they carry knives that are for sale, Victorinox, Global and Grohmann. Buy one and the first sharpening is on me.



So the four drop off spots in Halifax are:


My home/workplace/Area Zen,  in Middle Sackville at 8 Highrigger Crescent:


The Paderno store in Bayers Lake;


The Ikebana Shop at 6417 Quinpool Road (Quinpool and Oxford)


The Getaway Farm Butcher Shop  on Kaye St, in the North End.


I do not do pickups at private residences. If you just don’t want to bother dropping off the knives and you would prefer me to pick them up it’s a $30.oo fee depending on where you live. I highly recommend using a drop off location.

(Most people bring their knives directly to me. If you plan to do this ensure that your knives are wrapped up in something, even in a bag. Please don’t carry the knives from your car to my door with open knives in your hand. (I personally do not care, I just don’t want anyone who may be in the vicinity to see you have a problem with it. Just a matter of putting them in a shopping bag. I always wrap them up when I’m done anyway)


Email me please at sharpenerpeter@gmail.com if you need anything clarified.


These knives are of exceptional quality and unbelievably sharp. They are from KNIFEWEAR so if you buy one you essentially purchasing them from Knifewear. Knifewear and I want to bring these knives to people in Nova Scotia. If you want to see them,  with no obligation that is what they are for. Sample knives to hold and use if you want, try cutting a tomato and see how it feels in your hand.

The prices will startle you I think. The most expensive knife in the picture above is less than $220.00 and there is only 5% tax on them.

They are of made of the best steal, Aogami, Shirogami, and I can sharpen these as well, in fact, I absolutely love to sharpen them.


Masakage, Fujiwara and Fujimoto.


Japanese Water Stones

Japanese Water Stones are now available through the Ikebana Shop or me. The stones come in three grits, 320, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000. This is a great combo for achieving an incredible edge. The prices range from $75.00 to $110.00 plus tax.

These are the same water stones that I use ever day there were brought in upon special request from me.