Why me?

You have many options available to own a sharp knife, the first one being the purchase of a new knife and we all now how great that new knife feels, it is a feeling that ignites us, we just prepare food better with a sharp knife, it just feels so awesome.

As I state in my Sharpening Philosophy, that sensations vanishes quickly, those knives, regardless of price,  soon become dull, that process of dulling starts on day one and with that reduction in sharpness, that sensations dissipates and in a couple of months, that knife is just another knife. In fact, it is a source of irritation because you spent good money on that knife and it is no different that all the other dull ones you own.

Everyone experiences this, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

So why choose me, what makes me a better knife sharpener than your husband or the guy down the street who has a nifty grinder in his shed or one of those expensive electric knife sharpeners or anyone for that matter?

Nothing in life is easy,  to become good at something one needs to devote time and and be passionate about his/her goal. My goal in life is to create the sharpest knives my customers have every seen and used.  You cannot make your dull knives sharp again by just taking it to the “fast food” sharpening service, at the very best, it will be a quick (and I mean very quick) release from that frustration associated with a dull knife and if you’re lucky the knife won’t be scratched or come back worse than it was.

All I care about is sharpening knives, it has been something in my life for almost forty years and in terms of being passionate about it, I doubt I have any equals in that department, I have 7th degree black belt in passion for sharpening knives.  Now just because I have been sharpening knives for 38 years doesn’t mean I am a good knife sharpener, you could spend 3 hours with a qualified instructor and start your own knife sharpening journey . However, what that time means is that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from many mistakes, had unforgettable experiences with some gifted sharpening mentors and have spent countless hours of practice sharpening thousands of knives.

The fact that I use some of best Japanese Water Stones in the world doesn’t make me a good sharpener either, what makes me a good sharpener is my passion and love of the process of sharpening a knife, simply put, I understand what needs to happen.  It is difficult to express just how rewarding it is for me  to take a very dull knife and in a very short time give it new life and make it sharper that it was when new. This happens daily, it is pretty cool and utterly satisfying.

Got ry other methods, go to someone else, most of customers have but now, those awesome people are my regular customers and for many,  I have seen their knives 5-10 times over the last couple of years.

I’m also a very approachable individual, I like talking about what I do and I’m good at breaking down the barriers put up by stubborn husbands who tell you that I can sharpen just as good as he can, and save us the money”.


All you can do is give me a shot, give me one knife, if you are not thrilled with the edge when I am done, I will buy you a new knife.